As part of Rhycom’s partnership with The Greater Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation, our team had the opportunity to develop the collateral surrounding the Women’s Intersport Network’s (WIN for KC) Sports Awards Celebration honoring women in our community involved in athletics. This included everything from this years theme/branding to the invitation kit and programs. Rhycom also had the honor of attending the (sold out) Women’s Sports Awards Celebration this year & shortly after sat down with the Director of WIN, Lisa Diven, to get her take on this year’s event.

Q&A With Lisa Diven, Director of WIN for KC

Leading up to the event, how do you best generate buzz and get people excited?

Our event is fortunate to have a great reputation and much of our buzz is created word of mouth. We do have a fantastic PR committee of volunteers who lend us their expertise in getting media attention around the event. We make several personal visits with our sponsors to discuss the event with them and gain their interest in hopes they will help create some buzz within their organization. And of course we always leverage social media to help spread the word.


What is your favorite part of the planning & preparation for the WIN for KC Luncheon?

My favorite part of the planning is selecting and interviewing our award winners. Our selection committee receives numerous great nominations for our awards. So many people are doing amazing things here in our community. It is humbling to read their stories and try to select just one person in each category to recognize. Then once we do select the winners, getting to know them is even more humbling. You learn even more about their journeys and the incredible impact they have had on others. It is an honor just to be a part of sharing their story.

Any favorite moments from the 2015 WIN for KC Luncheon?

Hands down when Amy said “I am alive because I am an athlete.”

How successful did you feel this year’s event was? And how do you measure that success?

This year was a tremendous success on all fronts. Much of that success is tough to measure. I base it on the energy and the feeling we create in the room the day of the event. It’s that thing that makes you leave feeling like you can conquer anything! I could feel it this year, and based on the positive feedback we received from attendees, they could, too. We also measure success on more tangible things. We completely packed the room; I don’t think we could have squeezed one more person in there. We had more sponsors than ever and we received more personal giving the day of the event than we have in the past.

What is it about WIN for KC that gets so many people in our community excited?

WIN for KC is more than an organization, it is a movement, an energy. It is all about using sports to unlock the potential in women and girls.

What sparked your interest in becoming part of the WIN for KC team?

I have been passionate about the benefits of sports my entire life. I truly believe my experiences as a young athlete shaped who I am today. I attended the luncheon and participated in the triathlon for many years before joining the staff and left each of those events feeling so energized. I knew that this was an organization I wanted to be a part of.

For someone who is new to WIN for KC, what is a good way to initially get involved?

Become a member or a volunteer. Being a member gets you invited to all of our events and come with extra perks like free tickets to women’s sporting events and early registration opportunities for our events. Being a volunteer lets you come and experience our events first hand while making a direct impact on what we do.




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