5 Reasons Why You Should Use Influencers

It’s time for your company to take advantage of influencer marketing. So what exactly are influencers? We’ll tell you. Influencers are social content creators with a large following who know how to connect with and build digital audiences. They are key assets to marketers. In fact, influencer marketing has become such an integral part of social marketing that it makes up more than 20 percent of the total digital advertising spend in the U.S. Wowza!

Consumers are no longer looking towards companies to persuade their purchasing decisions but there’s no need to panic. They’re now simply looking at each other and their favorite online personalities. Think, bloggers, comedians and Youtube stars. Many consumers and personalities are consolidating massive followings on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest and more. This makes them perfect targets for influencing other consumers’ purchasing decisions. The best part? They enjoy doing it. There are many reasons why it’s time for your company to cash in on influencer marketing. We’ve outlined a few for you.


     1) Trusted communication method

Would you rather have a brand tell you they’re the best or a trusted friend? You expect brands to tell you how wonderful they are, but what your friends have to say just carries more weight, right? That’s why there are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a word-of-mouth recommendation. According to Nielsen, over 90 percent of consumers say they trust earned media such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from people they know, above all other forms of advertising. By using an influencer to market your company, you’re able to have a personalized, authentic message conveyed by someone people recognize and relate to.


   2) Captures the target audience

One of the greatest advantages of influencer marketing is that it’s very targeted. Once you’ve identified the demographic you want to reach, you can use influencers to engage consumers on the platforms where they’re most likely to receive your message. In other words, you can reach people on their preferred channels. This could be Facebook, but it could also be LinkedIn Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or other social media platforms, all of which are full of influencers. You can also customize your message according to the style and social media following of the influencer you’re working with and the product or brand your company is marketing.


   3) Raises brand awareness

Influencers are effective because their large social following gives your company a very authentic social presence. Because influencers are considered to be a trusted form of communication, consumers and your influencer’s followers become more aware of your brand. Great for you and great for them. The organic and trusted content isn’t seen as an invasion of privacy. This results in consumers actually seeing and interacting with your company’s content instead of running the other direction, raising overall brand awareness.


  4) Creates an enjoyable advertising experience for consumers

People expect brands to talk with them rather than at them. They no longer expect brands to sell to them, but to entertain and inform them. Influencers spark organic conversations and don’t interrupt consumer’s viewing experiences, which is a dream come true for consumers. They see so many un-organic advertisements, they unconsciously block them out. Utilizing influencers gets around ad blockers, bots and consumer ad-fatigue, which creates a more meaningful experience for consumers and a more powerful marketing solution for your company.


  5) Targetable and trackable

Every website visit, social like, and picture posted online can be stored and analyzed, which leads directly to valuable insights about your company’s target audience and your advertising performance. Instagram likes, Youtube channel views, LinkedIn connections, Twitter likes,  Facebook shares and more can all track influencer campaign success. Even blogs are trackable. This makes it easy for your company to gather information that lets you know exactly what’s working and exactly what’s not.

What more could you ask for?



Influencer marketing presents an amazing opportunity for your company to leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale through consumers and personalities that consumers already follow and admire. Influencers are great assets to your company’s advertising campaign because they can spark organic conversations without interrupting consumer’s viewing experiences, which is exactly what you want. This helps your company grow your social following and increase sales and website traffic.

If you’re wondering how to reach them, simply get in touch directly by contacting them through their social media platforms. Influencers have proven they are not an advertising opportunity your company should ignore, and they’ll likely welcome a conversation with you.