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Giving Back and Saving Lives

Written by Phil Bressler

June 2, 2020

Thank you. You just funded my life.

As the current board chair for the Kansas City-based, non-profit organization Warriors’ Ascent, the impact of helping others and being involved in the community really hit home at a recent event. Before we hit the links at our golf tournament fundraiser, several folks made some general announcements and talked about the Warriors’ Ascent organization. And then…the microphone was handed to a young, Iraq war veteran.

He told in blunt honesty his story about his struggle with post-traumatic stress. He described in painful candor the moment he was just a day away from committing suicide. He went on to describe how he found Warriors’ Ascent and how participating in its one-week program saved his life. He concluded with a comment I will never forget: “Thank you. Your donations funded my life.”

May has been designated Mental Health Awareness Month.

But if you know anyone who suffers from PTS or other mental illnesses, you know mental health is not just a month or a week or a year; it’s every breathing minute. Warriors’ Ascent exists to provide healing tools to veterans and first responders who sacrifice so much for you and me. Their evidence-based, one-week program gives these warriors the tools they need to manage their daily lives and return a strong sense of hope back into their lives. Marriages have been salvaged. Mothers and fathers have returned to their children. And many lives have been saved.

At Rhycom, just as with many companies here in Kansas City, we place a high value on giving back to our community. I am so appreciative that I am able to use my time and talents to help in a small way. If you are interested in helping our warriors and heroes who have given so much for all of us, please check us out at warriorsascent.org.

As a non-profit organization, we are only able to save lives based on the donations we receive from individual and corporate contributors. Thank you in advance for learning more about Warriors’ Ascent. I can honestly tell you, just like the young veteran who spoke at the golf tournament, any support you can give will directly fund a life.

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