Rhycom’s DNA: Built for Business Today

Rhycom is a marketing firm, built for business today, that succeeds by continually doing what is right for our clients. In today’s complex and ever-changing world, we help businesses uncomplicate the complicated. We cut to the chase, and we get down to business.

In fact, Rhycom was designed to focus on what businesses need most:

  • Strategic, holistic, business-based approach
  • Quick turnarounds with minimal hand-holding
  • Results

And we’re no rookies! With just over 20 years in business, we were recognized as #19 of KC’s Fastest Growing 100 Companies in Ingram’s Annual Corporate Report and a Top Ten Digital Advertising Agency by the Kansas City Business Journal.

We do all this while upholding what we call Rhycom’s golden rules. Here’s a little more about the value system that guides our work.

We will Invest your money like it was our own.

Onboarding for each new client begins with an evaluation of their current marketing efforts. We’ll determine where your dollars are well spent and where they aren’t! Next, we’ll double-down on what’s working and regularly recommend and implement new strategies for growth.

We get work done quickly.

Unlike the mega-ad firms, we’re nimble and flexible. We adapt as an extension of your team to meet your specific needs. From strategy and ideation to creative production and activation, we do it all with minimal hand-holding.

We create fresh ideas focused on results.

We are experienced marketing professionals who value innovative ideas over cookie-cutter solutions. Our clients often face multifaceted challenges. We sort through these complexities and offer a clear view of the path forward.

We’ll never take your business for granted.

We’re a down-to-earth, Midwest and Kansas City-based team. We promise to be honest and transparent throughout our process. And something we’re very proud of—our clients love coming to our place…with their dogs and often a bottle of wine. We think that’s a great testament to who we are and how we work.

Being built for business today starts with listening and getting to know each other. These are key towards building a rewarding partnership.

Ready to work with us? Let’s grab a cup of coffee in person or online and have a chat. Get it touch with the contact button below.

Margot Rhyner

September 11, 2022

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