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Giving Back and Saving Lives

Thank you. You just funded my life. As the current board chair for the Kansas City-based, non-profit organization Warriors’ Ascent, the impact of helping others and being involved in the community really hit home at a recent event. Before we hit the links at our golf tournament fundraiser, several folks made some general announcements and […]

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Making a Difference with Sustainable Marketing

Ten-to-fifteen years ago the idea of sustainable marketing could have been summed up by the catchphrase “going green.” Businesses were going paperless, reducing waste, limiting power usage, and using recycled products. The impact of business on the ecosystem was creating buzz, and many brands geared their messaging around their efforts towards saving our planet. These […]

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Event Canceled? How to Still Engage with New and Current Clients

Most B2B business is developed through in-person events and is the foundation for many companies. As Trade Shows, Conferences, and Events continue to be postponed, how do you maintain and grow business relationships? New research from Demand Gen Report shows that in-person events are crucial to many B2B companies’ business: More than half of the […]

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What Overdue Haircuts and Brands Have in Common

COVID-19 has obviously impacted the way we normally live including first-world problems like how often we decide to wear pants, how often we shower and shave, and what we do about increasingly out-of-control hairstyles! It’s true. I have heard many business, family and guy friends talking about how their golden locks have become a bit […]

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