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Meet Julie, our Summer Marketing Intern

Name: Juliann Branson (You can call me Julie!) Education: University of Kansas   What are you most excited about working on at Rhycom? Firstly, I would just like to express how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunity to be able to intern at Rhycom. To be given a chance to test my skills and […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Influencers

It’s time for your company to take advantage of influencer marketing. So what exactly are influencers? We’ll tell you. Influencers are social content creators with a large following who know how to connect with and build digital audiences. They are key assets to marketers. In fact, influencer marketing has become such an integral part of […]

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6 Steps to Developing Custom Brand Photography

Photography is used for storytelling, and when done well, it can send a powerful message. When you think of Nike, you think of intense athletes. Vogue evokes fashion and style. National Geographic captures epic and vibrant nature images. Rather than restricting themselves to stock photography, these companies use custom photography to tell their brand story […]

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Why Do Mobile Marketing Strategies Matter?

Consumers are using their smartphones more today than ever before. The average time spent with a person’s mobile device is more than 3 hours a day*; checking their phone (on average) every 12 minutes. They are watching videos, searching for information, researching companies, listening to music, engaging with social media, etc. Here are a few […]

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What is the status for digital agencies? “Interesting read summarizing the current state of digital-only agencies. As programmatic creates a commoditization of the space, there is now and will always be a premium for strategy, knowledge and breadth of service.”  -Rick Rhyner, President Rhycom https://digiday.com/marketing/digital-agencies-struggle-new-market-reality/

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