Bill Barr

Advertising / Interactive

For over 50 years, Bill Barr has provided quality feed ingredients for all phases of the livestock, poultry and pet food industries. Although Bill Barr is a well-known brand in the industry, the company was in need of an updated look and feel to better position themselves nationally. Bill Barr wanted to stand out in the crowd, without losing their “mom and pop” and “good home quality and values” brand identity. It was also important to emphasize their long history of company success and strong product line.
Rhycom took the positive attributes of their current branding, added updated elements, including textures and images, and expanded the color palette. The icon and font of the logo were reworked to have a more contemporary feel. Rhycom designed a series of three feed ads, as well as a pet food ad, that married the renovated brand with their strong, established message. PowerPoint and newsletter templates were also revamped to provide new business tools consistent with the updated brand. Phase 2 will include an update to the Bill Barr website.