Durrie Vision

Advertising / Video

15 Second Commerical
30 Second Commercial


With the media landscape and customer journey continually becoming more fragmented, Durrie Vision began to look for a marketing plan that would deliver a relevant LASIK message to a hard to reach audience to generate more leads.


Rhycom developed a “What can LASIK do for you” campaign that conveys the benefits of having the LASIK procedure. The campaign uses a synergistic approach via advanced TV, programmatic audio, display and paid search to drive users down the consumer funnel and generate leads. Since implementing this holistic media strategy in March of 2019, Durrie Vision has seen a 75%+ increase in quality calls for more information, as well as hundreds of online bookings. By using a multitude of behavioral targeting segments from various data providers, Rhycom was able to find in-market prospects and serve ads to them across multiple channels in order to achieve the optimal frequency required for them to convert.