Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare

Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare is a leading rural healthcare organization serving Central Missouri. 


Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) is a leading rural healthcare organization with hospitals, clinics and services in central Missouri. With new messaging centered around their commitment to providing a Golden Standard of Care, they challenged Rhycom to create a new look and feel for their brand and website.


Keeping the new branding clean with simple allowed for easier implementation across multiple locations and systems. The bright color palette with bold headlines and people-focused imagery bring attention to GVMH’s level of customized care and community focus.

The website incorporates several complex functions for a convenient user experience. An A-Z Listing for 44 different services and specialties includes cross-referencing for related services and service providers. A Find a Provider directory offers multiple search filters and integrates content into a third-party patient review platform.  The calendar platform enables multiple pageviews  highlighting GVMH’s events, classes and support groups. It also provides a notification function that can be used timely communication for patients.

We went to Rhycom for assistance as we needed a partner that understands the healthcare industry. Our website was out of date and needed a fresh look to communicate our new branding and differentiate us from other healthcare organizations. It also needed to be easy to navigate and mobile friendly. Rhycom did an outstanding job taking our idea for the Golden Standard of Care and developing branding, copy and the website. I am extremely pleased with the color palette, plus the complex technical work they did to create a searchable directory for all our providers and listing of all our services. The Rhycom team provided strong strategy, brilliant creative and were extremely responsive to all our requests. We have received a lot of great feedback on the new site and our traffic continues to increase.

Lea Studer, Marketing Manager



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