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Whiteman Area Leadership Council Video Production

There’s Nothing Stealthy About the Whiteman Air Base Area

Written by project lead, Phil Bressler

Sometimes the most interesting projects come our way out of thin air. In this case, really thin air. Like 50,000 ft. altitude thin air. That’s the normal cruising altitude for the B2-Spirit Stealth Bomber. It’s hard to find anything cooler than the stealth bomber, but we got very excited when we learned we would be concepting and producing a video to promote the Whiteman Air Force Base area and everything it has to offer.
Phil Bressler
Our assignment was to create a video that would give service members being assigned to Whiteman a glimpse of what the area has to offer and to create excitement about moving here. The goal was also to remind current Whiteman service members and their families how great it is to be stationed here. We ended up creating a three-minute overall video and a series of short videos promoting key parts of the community that are so important to our military members and their families: housing, childcare, education, spousal employment, entertainment, and healthcare. Not only does the video tell a great visual story, but you’ll also notice that sound design was an important and very intentional element.

Working in collaboration with our amazing production partner, Nufolk, the actual production was a great experience. So many great people in the community jumped in and helped bring the many locations and scenes to life. If you don’t know genuine Midwestern hospitality, we suggest you visit the communities in the Whiteman area!

Finally, one of the main reasons we love what we do is because we always continue to learn new things when working with our clients. In this case, we were reminded and impressed to see what makes the Whiteman area such a great place to live, work and play. Heck, our next blog post might be “Whiteman Area Day Trip From KC” – a detailed itinerary on what to do and what to see. All just 50 miles or so from KC!

Thank You!

Thank you, Whiteman Area Leadership Council, for partnering with us on this amazing and important project. And thank you to the many servicewomen, men and their families who sacrifice so much to defend our country.