The Importance of Social Media for the Professional Services Industry

Rhycom works with a variety of professional service industries, yet across the board we will hear, “I don’t see any value in social media.” Have you or your company questioned the need for social media? Does it still feel like a passing fad where jumping on the bandwagon is more trouble than it’s worth? Do you feel you don’t have the time to waste on building your personal brand? If this is you, or your company, you may not fully understand how social media can really drive business today.

Social media has completely changed how people search for products and services and choosing to not buy in might be costing you and your clients. Below are three reasons why now is the time to start investing in your brand’s social strategy.

1. Boost Awareness

Staying active on social media will help keep your brand and services top of mind with past, present and prospective clients. Having a consistent social media strategy will increase your reach but also grow your word-of-mouth marketing efforts. 

2. Build Trust

People want to SEE and hear from the people they work with. Most people will not spend big $$$ with an individual or business they aren’t familiar with. Whether you are a realtor, doctor, mortgage broker or lawyer, there is value in showing yourself online. Your social media presence is your foot in the door with potential clients. Your resume, as it were, showing your experience, your successes, your thought-leadership. 

3. TikTok is 2022 #1 Online Destination

Like it or not, TikTok is here and here to stay. According to CBS News, TikTok has officially overtaken Google as the most visited online destination. We are seeing trends of social media platforms moving to operate like search engines with posts being searchable by keywords. What does this mean for marketers and brands? It’s time to find your space within the app so you’ll be there when clients go looking. TikTok and Instagram might seem “youthful” or “too playful,” but your tone and content shared don’t have to be. 

Now for the hard part…actually doing it! 

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend establishing “content pillars” to help you plan and create content. Evaluate your business and come up with five different categories or themes that are important to promote and discuss. These pillars will serve as the guiding principles for everything you post. Before you share anything, draw it back to a content pillar and ask, “so what?” What value am I adding for the viewer?

Next, niche down. One of the best pieces of advice is to avoid trying to be everything to everyone. Growth happens when people can rely on you to provide valuable information in your respected field. Stick to your pillars, and what you know and do best.

Lastly, evaluate your efforts. Your best tool for creating content is paying attention to your own social insights. Followers aren’t everything when you first start out. Our favorite KPI to follow is “accounts engaged.” If you can focus on getting the current followers engaged, it’s likely they will tell their friends and from there you can start to see growth. If you need ideas on where to start, conduct competitive research in your field. 

The time to invest in your social media is now and, lucky for you, we happen to have a team of experts who can help. To learn more about how we help businesses and individuals elevate their online presence, schedule a call with us today.

Margot Rhyner

January 27, 2022

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